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Dartmouth Alumni Relations and the Dartmouth Coeducation Planning Committee invite the entire Dartmouth community to commemorate the 50th anniversary of coeducation.  

These resources have been compiled to support Dartmouth volunteers and alumni organizations – classes, clubs, and groups – as they plan and execute programs around commemorating this milestone that generates awareness, inspire and spark excitement, build community, and mark the progress made as well as work still to be done.   

Along with coeducation, Dartmouth is marking the 50th anniversaries of two other communities, the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA) and Native American Program (NAP) with programs being planned in 2022. BADA has planned the group’s 50th reunion on campus for May 26-29, 2022, and there will be a special program for alumni at powwow and luau on May 7-8, 2022. More information on in-person and virtual events will be added as confirmed.   

For questions about coeducation or any milestone programs or to discuss any plans your group is considering, please contact  


What you can do  


  • Attend Dartmouth coeducation events (link back to full coeducation calendar)  

  • Invite fellow alumni-both engaged and unengaged alike to attend events and share stories (link)  

  • Build awareness by sharing communication with your communities and constituencies using the digital assets on newsletters, email correspondence, and social media platforms  

  • Plan programs – educational, social, and more – with your organization to bring together your Dartmouth community.  

  • Collaborate with other Dartmouth volunteers and alumni organizations  


Planning events  


The following activity ideas were compiled by Dartmouth volunteers from class, club, and group events being planned around coeducation. Remember, you can reposition or ‘brand’ an existing event (e.g., have a speaker related to coeducation at your annual spring speaking program) or you can develop a new program or series (e.g., organize a book group, film screening, or even informal discussion groups bringing together alumni/ae in your community). You can also send messages curating and presenting available opportunities throughout the year and think creatively about ways to tap into and spread the milestone energy! This is a chance to reach alums who are not actively engaging or connecting in your community.  

  • Host a watch party of planned online events (link to calendar) or the Early Daughters of Dartmouth documentary  

  • Organize a book group to read books about coeducation: Keep the Damned Women Out: The Struggle for Coeducation by Nancy Weiss Malkiel, Babes in Boyland by Gina Barreca ’79, The Chosen One by Echo Brown, or books by alumnae authors (link to possible author list),  

  • Plan virtual talks/symposia/conversations tapping into the strength and passion of the Dartmouth network and diverse array of interests and identities   

  • Foster community with informal discussion groups or meet-up groups around a particular topic or theme  

  • Consider a service event with alumnae and women in your community (remember that May is the month of service)  

  • Remember that other Dartmouth groups can help co-sponsor or promote programs. You can use the coeducation logo and web identity for organization events, and you can always promote planned Dartmouth events to your group. Plan your outreach and intentionally try to reach people who may not always participate or connect with your group.  

For other questions or to discuss ideas, please contact the coeducation team at  


 Event planning   


A variety of event planning tools are available for Dartmouth alumni organizations both from Alumni Relations and the Volunteer Engagement team and available online from other sources and institutions.   

For tips on how to plan in-person events, visit the Communities Volunteers Event Resources page.  

For best practices on how to collaborate with other groups, visit the Collaboration Across Communities Best Practices Guide.


Virtual event planning  


  • Select and know your audience. What would they like to see? 

  • Develop a theme and construct and title your event around it  

  • Confirm your virtual platform and any technology needed (Remember, ZoomPro is available to all Dartmouth alumni organizations)  

  • Create content and an agenda or timeline  

  • Confirm the program format and the availability of any speakers and/or a moderator or other necessary roles 

  • Choose a time and date  

  • Remember to build in enough time to market the event.  Reach out to potential co-sponsors and promoters early!  Ask speakers as well as fellow volunteers to publicize the program with their networks 

  • Execute the event  

  • Thank all speakers and thank attendees for joining the event and direct to a future program or include another call to action if possible  

  • Obtain feedback from attendees after an event  


Useful Video resources  


Opening Doors—The Path to Coeducation at Dartmouth

Watch as College Archivist and Records Manager, Peter Carini tells the story of Dartmouth’s journey to reaching their monumental decision to fully admit women. 


Coeducation Milestone Anniversary Update Video 

Coeducation commemoration Chair, Jennifer Avellino ’89 shares what to expect in the year-long celebration of coeducation.  


Coeducation Kick-Off Opening Video   

The opening video from our Coeducation kickoff event which celebrates Dartmouth women, their achievements, and their fortitude.    


Coeducation Kick-Off Event Replay 

On Tuesday November 9, the coeducation anniversary celebration kicked-off with current and former chairs of the Dartmouth Board of Trustees Liz Lempres ’83 Th’84, Laurel Richie ’81, and Susan Dentzer ’77 in a conversation about trailblazers, gender parity, and leadership as they reflected on the impact of the decision to admit women.   


Early Daughters of Dartmouth Video  

This is a documentary produced by Kathy Rines ‘71a and cinemaphotographer Bill Aydelott ‘72 featuring many of the early women exchange students who paved the way to coeducation. It is a favorite and can be the viewing selection at watch parties or hosted on websites and on communication channels.   

Password to access video: Eleazar  


Early Daughter of Dartmouth: Blazing the Trail to Coeducation 1969-1872 

A recording of a discussion led by Lis Tarlow ‘70a and Kathy Rines ‘71a, two of Dartmouth’s early women exchange students.  


Digital Assets  


  • Link to the “Dartmouth Marks Three Major Milestones” article written by Charlotte Albright announces the commencement of the milestone anniversaries.  

  • Coeducation logo (and other milestone logos) can be included in communication channels such as emails, social media, and newsletters. Download all three logo files here. 

  • Check out Women of Dartmouth’s INSPIRE stories initiative.   

  • Submit your event to be included in the coeducation event calendar here.   


Volunteer Event Examples  


  1. Coeducation: A Great Step Forward  

The Dartmouth Class of 1976 created a video about the first full class of women to matriculate and about the legacy of coeducation and women at Dartmouth.   

  1. Women Supporting Women  

Hosted by Women of Dartmouth and cohosted by BADA, NAAAD, DAPAAA, DALA, and DGALA  

Women of Dartmouth hosted the Women supporting Women event commemorating the three special anniversaries with special guests Adrienne “Tee” Lotson ‘82, Laurel J Richie ‘81, and Monik Whitney Walters ’19, the first black women to hold their leadership roles at Dartmouth.   

  1. Early Daughters of Dartmouth Screening and Discussion  

The Dartmouth Alumni Club of Maryland hosted a screening of The Early Daughters of Dartmouth followed by a discussion with alumnae of the period and open to all.   

The class of 1970 also just hosted a screening and then discussion with current Dartmouth students to learn more about campus today and foster an intergenerational discussion about the legacy of coeducation and women at Dartmouth.   

Similar programs have been organized by the Dartmouth Class of 1971, Dartmouth Club of Dallas, Dartmouth Club of Houston, and Women of Dartmouth.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who can use these resources?  
Any Dartmouth-recognized alumni organizations
Who do I contact to learn more? 
Please start with the Dartmouth coeducation and milestone team at
Where can I find future coeducation events?
On the events page on the coeducation website.  
Where can I order promotional materials and merchandise? 
If you wish to create and order your own promotional material, merchandise, or swag, please contact