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On November 11 and 12, Dartmouth will celebrate 50 years of coeducation. Dartmouth Alumni Relations and the  Coeducation Planning Committee invite the entire Dartmouth community to participate in A Celebration of Women: 50 Years of Coeducation at Dartmouth.  

We invite our classes, club, and groups to expand our celebration beyond campus by planning virtual and in-person events with members of your communities.

Resources are available for Dartmouth volunteers and alumni organizations as they host events to commemorate this milestone. If your Dartmouth organization (class, club, group) wants to plan an event around the anniversary of coeducation, the College has a limited amount of swag and grant offerings that you can request. 


Request Coeducation Event Planning Resources  


For questions about coeducation or to discuss any plans your group is considering, please contact  


Spread the word   

  • Build awareness by sharing communication with your communities and constituencies using digital assets in newsletters, email correspondence, and social media platforms.  

  • Plan programs—educational, social, and more—with your organization to bring together your Dartmouth community.   

  • Collaborate with other Dartmouth volunteers and alumni organizations.   


Plan an event

Clubs, classes, and groups can celebrate the weekend in various ways.  

  • Host a watch party for the livestreamed and recorded sessions, 

  • Create a new program or series focused on coeducation.  

  • Brand an existing event (e.g., have a speaker related to coeducation at your annual event).  

  • Organize a book club or informal discussion group,  

  • Plan talks/symposia/conversations from a variety of perspectives,  

  • Run a service event with alumnae in your community. 

We encourage you to collaborate with other Dartmouth groups that can co-sponsor or help promote your events. You can use the Coeducation logo and web identity for organization events.  For best practices on how to collaborate with other groups, visit the Collaboration Across Communities Best Practices Guide. A variety of event planning tools are available for Dartmouth alumni organizations from Alumni Relations and the Volunteer Engagement team and are available online. For tips on how to plan in-person events, visit the Volunteer Event Resources page.  If you are organizing virtual events, there are alumni volunteer zoom resources. 


Submit your request for event support 


upcoming Coeducation Event Information: 

These Organizations are joining us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of coeducation during the weekend. Get in touch with your local group or class for details!


Women of Dartmouth (DC) 

DATE: Saturday, Nov 12, 9-11AM 

RSVP: Please email 


Women of Dartmouth (LA) 

DATE: Saturday, Nov 12, 10-12:30pm 

RSVP: Women of Dartmouth - WDLA In-Person Viewing Party 


Women of Dartmouth (London) 

Women of Dartmouth (Boston) 

Women of Dartmouth (San Francisco) 

Women of Dartmouth (NYC) 

Dartmouth Club of Hartford 

Dartmouth Club of Hawai’i 

Dartmouth Club of Philadelphia 

Class of 1982 

Class of 2013 

Class of 2014 

Class of 2015 

Class of 2016 

Class of 2017 

Class of 2021 

Class of 2020 

Class of 2022 

Class of 1977 


Other activities from the Fall and earlier in the year 

Dartmouth club of Sarasota 

Dartmouth Club of Suburban New Jersey 

Class of 1970  

Dartmouth Club of the Gold Coast 

Dartmouth Club of Maryland  

Women of Dartmouth and BADA 

Class of 1973 

Class of 1976 

Women of Dartmouth and NAAAD 

Women of Dartmouth and Dartmouth's Asian American Women 

Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley 



Digital Assets   

  • The “Dartmouth Marks Three Major Milestones” article written by Charlotte Albright announces the commencement of the milestone anniversaries.   

  • Coeducation logo (and other milestone logos) can be included in communication channels such as emails, social media, and newsletters. Download all three logo files here.  

  • Check out Women of Dartmouth’s INSPIRE stories initiative.    

  • Submit your event to be included in the coeducation event calendar here. 


Useful Video resources  

Opening Doors—The Path to Coeducation at Dartmouth 

Watch as College Archivist and Records Manager Peter Carini tells the story of Dartmouth’s journey in reaching its monumental decision to fully admit women.  

Coeducation Milestone Anniversary Update Video  

Coeducation commemoration Chair Jennifer Avellino ’89 shares what to expect in the year-long celebration of coeducation.   

Coeducation Kick-Off Opening Video    

The opening video from our coeducation kickoff event celebrates Dartmouth women, their achievements, and their fortitude.     

Coeducation Kick-Off Event Replay  

The coeducation anniversary celebration kicked off with current and former chairs of the Dartmouth Board of Trustees Liz Lempres ’83 TH’84, Laurel Richie ’81, and Susan Dentzer ’77 discussing trailblazers, gender parity, and leadership as they reflected on the impact of the decision to admit women.    

Early Daughters of Dartmouth Video   

This documentary produced by Kathy Rines ’71a and Bill Aydelott ’72 features many of the early women exchange students who paved the way to coeducation. It is a favorite and can be viewed at watch parties or hosted on websites and on communication channels.    

Password to access the video: Eleazar   


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can use these resources?  
Any Dartmouth-recognized alumni organizations
Who do I contact to learn more? 
Please start with the Dartmouth coeducation and milestone team at
Where can I find future information for the Coeducation Celebration Weekend? 
On the events page on the coeducation website.  
Where can I request swag or additional event support?  
If you wish to create and order your own promotional material, merchandise, or swag, please contact or submit a request form