Coeducation Weekend Highlights

Missed our on-campus weekend? You can still celebrate the commemoration of Coeducation at 50 by watching panels of esteemed Dartmouth women and the rededication of Dartmouth Hall! Check out the videos below. 

Welcome Remarks and Keynote Panel
When Dartmouth Women Lead: Creating Space for New Voices and Perspectives

When Dartmouth Women Lead: Creating Space for New Voices and Perspectives showcased inspiring stories from alumnae in finance, academia, sports, business and technology who have had an outsized impact on society.  Redefining industries, shattering stereotypes, and uncovering untold truths, each one of these women have leveraged their leadership platform to change perceptions, change industries, and change history by bringing new voices and new perspectives to their respective fields. The panelists shared lessons they’ve learned from their experiences and answered audience questions. Introduction by Jennifer Avellino ’89 and welcome remarks by President Philip J. Hanlon ’77



A Conversation with Sian Leah Beilock, President-elect of Dartmouth, and Liz Lempres ’83 TH’84, Chair of the Dartmouth Board of Trustees

Renowned cognitive scientist, Dr. Sian Leah Beilock, begins her tenure as President of Dartmouth in the 2023-24 academic year. She is the first woman elected to serve in this role, and currently serves as the eighth President of Barnard College at Columbia University. Board Chair Liz Lempres facilitated a lively discussion with Dr. Beilock about her research, what excites her about Dartmouth, and more! 



Dartmouth Hall Rededication Ceremony

Hundreds of alumnae, staff, faculty, and friends gathered at the Top of the Hop to celebrate the rededication of Dartmouth Hall. Overlooking the venerable building, the audience enjoyed hearing from President Philip J. Hanlon ’77, Trustee Elizabeth Cogan Fascitelli '80, a student speaker, and others. Watch as we made history by rededicating the iconic Dartmouth Hall—an achievement made possible by the generosity of women from the Dartmouth community.



Citius, Altius, Fortius: Stories of Trials and Triumph from World-Class Competitors

Citius, Altius, Fortius celebrates some of Dartmouth’s most renowned athletes while reflecting on the journeys they took to achieve success. The panel featured athletes who have competed at an elite level, including in the Olympics, Paralympics, and world championships. Together they reflected on women’s victories in athletics and how we can champion women athletes today and in the future. 



Star Power From Broadway to Hollywood: Behind the Scenes with Award-Winning Alumnae

Star Power from Broadway to Hollywood illuminates both the excitement and barriers for women working in film, on stage, and in entertainment. The panel included speakers with careers in acting, comedy, playwriting, and documentary filmmaking. Star Power from Broadway to Hollywood set the stage for an open conversation about working on- and off-screen.  



Title IX 50 Years In: Looking to the Future as We Celebrate Progress

Title IX 50 Years addressed the effects and evolution of the 1972 civil rights law against sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs. Speakers with experience in higher education, academia, law, and athletics reflected on how Title IX has impacted campuses and workplaces over the last several decades. Title IX 50 Years In also examined how the law has both succeeded and failed to support those facing discrimination, harassment, and violence. 



Antisocial Media: Fighting Disinformation in the Digital World

Antisocial Media explored the prevalence and impact of disinformation across various media platforms. The panel discussion included accomplished participants with experience in a range of industries, including social media, political communications, and news journalism. Antisocial Media addressed the future of combatting disinformation as it continues to create and influence sociopolitical issues.  



Women’s Rights are Human Rights: In the U.S. and Around the World

Women’s Rights are Human Rights focused on organizations that have been leaders in women’s safety, security, and equality. Speakers with experience in UN programs, domestic policy centers, advocacy, and law wdiscussed their previous work in women’s rights and identify issues facing women today. 




A Seat at the Table: Gaining Ground in the Corporate Boardroom

Just over 28% of the corporate board directors in the Russell 3000 index are women in 2022.  A Seat at the Table: Gaining Ground in the Corporate Boardroom investigated how board members help position businesses and organizations for success. Panelists shared how their work has promoted sustainable futures for their respective corporations and what attributes it takes to be considered for board membership. Central to the conversation was the impact women can have on corporate decision-making and how Dartmouth alumni can advance the participation of women in corporate governance. Panelists have served on corporate boards globally across sectors.



World on Fire: Planet Earth’s “Code Red” 

World on Fire will confronted the urgent, hot topic of climate change. The panel featured moderator and panelist participants with direct experience in the environmental sector via academic research, wildlife management, federal programs, and Congress. World on Fire acknowledged the pressing climate crisis and discussed ways in which people and organizations can take stronger steps to improve their environmental impact.